In the past year of 2014, UK’s economy has experienced the strongest annual performance since the financial crisis, with approximately 2.6% GDP increase. Although the European Central Bank (ECB) has announced the quantitative easing scheme, a sense of pessimism still pervades Europe. However, according to the British Chambers of Commerce, Britain’s economy still looks on course to expand at a strong pace in 2015. As a contrast, China’s economic slowdown is expected to continue. In 2014, the Chinese economy saw the lowest increase rate of 7.4% in the past decades.


According to an analysis report issued by IMF, real estate market adjustment, declining investment growth and an advancement of difficult structural reforms are challenging issues for the Chinese economy, factors that will erode investors’ confidence in investing in China. In addition to that, the past three months exchange rates show that the British Sterling is deprecating against Chinese Yuan, making investing in UK’s real estate market an appealing choice.

sterling exchange ratesChart Source: Yahoo Finance

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