Development opportunities for clients

Gibbs Investments has an envious track record in seeking out land acquisition for development purposes across the UK. The approach used is first to gain a full understanding of a client’s requirement in terms of the size of the development and location. If the requirement is not for a pre-determined location then Gibbs Investment would discuss with the client the physical requirements for the development along with preferred demographics, local economy, transport infrastructure and proximity to amenities, cities and housing etc.


Development site assembly

The search to meet a client’s requirements will include, as well as desktop research and networking, visits to potential locations to identify sites that best fit requirements. In sourcing potential development site opportunities Gibbs Investments would not only look for available land and property but would identify one or a number of properties, occupied or not, that together would create the desired site in the right location for our client. Gibbs Investment would approach owners of the properties with a view to assess the availability and viability of a site assembly for development.


Development site acquisition on favourable terms

Gibbs Investment will negotiate the purchase of development sites on behalf of clients’ acting only in the client’s best interest in an endeavour to achieve an acquisition for our client on the most favourable terms.


Joint venture partners and funding

Gibbs Investment is able, via its professional networks, to approach many national and regional UK developers with a view to joint venture developments and funding arrangements. We would use our best endeavours to negotiate joint venture terms for our clients that were in our client’s best interest.


Pre-lets and pre-sales for certainty and funding

Gibbs Investment using its agency skills and systems are able to seek tenants or purchasers who will enter into an agreement for lease or purchase for developments in advance. Such arrangements gives some degree of certainty to the viability of a development and depending on the quality of the tenant or purchaser will assist in the willingness of lenders to fund the development.


Development appraisals

Working with a client’s professional team of architects, quantity surveyors, building surveyors, planning consultants etc., Gibbs Investments can provide a full financial appraisal service for a development proposal to assess on facts and assumptions the likely return on an investment together with a sensitivity analysis in respect of the event of any actual variance of critical components of the development viability such as rental levels, build costs, investment yield or any combination of those components.