Maximising clients’ return on investment and minimising risk

Gibbs Investment can provide the optional service of asset management for clients’ and use the expertise gained over many years to continually review a client’s real estate investment(s) in the context of market conditions and returns. A client’s returns can be optimised and risks minimised by monitoring the real estate sectors to establish the best performers with a view to the client considering the rationale for realignment of investments accordingly. Risks can be further minimised by closely following the financial performance of key tenants and taking appropriate action where necessary. The state of the market is of particular importance when leases granted to existing tenants are moving towards expiry date. In an economic cycle of a strong demand market with growing rental values and with a good easy to let property, lease ends can be good news for the investor who can often look forward to an increased rental income. However, expiring leases in a recessionary market place can be bad news for an investor and even more so if the property is becoming obsolete. Forward planning is essential to identify the optimum time for disposal of a particular investment property.

A mixed real estate investment portfolio: Mixing property types and investment risk profiles can be an effective way of achieving maximum returns from an overall more neutral portfolio investment risk.