Only in our clients best interest

To ensure that we assist our clients achieve the best returns on their investment in line with the client’s objectives Gibbs Investment would act solely for the client in sourcing real estate and investment opportunities with only the best interests of the client as priority. Our duty would be to our acquiring client and not to the seller. The objective being to present our client with all available information about a property, portfolio or land being considered for acquisition along with its locational environment, both physical and economic, and advise our client about all relevant aspects that affect viability, risks and returns on investment. Should our client wish to progress a purchase then Gibbs Investment would negotiate the best terms available in favour of our client.

Achieving what the client wants

For the purpose of working towards achieving our clients’ objectives rather than offer real estate opportunities from stock the approach of Gibbs Investments is to establish with individual clients’ exactly what their aspirations are in terms of real estate sector (investment, development or occupation etc.), class of property (residential, office, retail, industrial, leisure, portfolios etc.), investment risk profile of the client (the degree to which a client is risk averse, risk neutral or risk inclined), target rates of return on investment, investor entity (individual, joint venture or company etc.), amount of capital to be invested, anticipated duration of the investment, funding arrangements, geographic preferences for investment and timing. We would also seek to understand a client’s needs in respect asset management, property management and project management.

Sourcing our clients’ real estate opportunities

Having first gained a good understanding of a particular client’s UK real estate investment objectives Gibbs Investment will use its market knowledge and professional networks to source potential acquisitions or joint venture opportunities as may be appropriate, that would give our client the potential to achieve those objectives.

Safe investing for our clients’

Putting our acquiring client first Gibbs Investment would endeavour to provide a package of information about not only the physical property but also about the geographical location in terms of both its quality and economy. Where a property is tenanted we would also report on the terms of the tenancy and risk profile of the tenant from a rental income security perspective. Additionally Gibbs Investment would advise on potential income growth for the property along with current capital value movement trends. The possibility of alternative uses and further or redevelopment potential can be advised upon.

Enhancing client returns on investment

Acting for our acquiring client and not the vendor, Gibbs Investment would use all best endeavours to achieve a deal for our clients on the most favourable terms to enhance our client’s return on investment. We would of course guide, inform and assist our client throughout the acquisition process.