Different from the traditional consumption habits of Chinese who are famous for high saving rates, majority of the UK residents tend to consume more and have lower savings rate.

In recent years, the soaring housing prices have made it difficult for many first time buyers in the UK to get started at the housing ladder. Based on the research conducted by MoneySupermarket , the average age of a UK first time buyer is 36. However, around 37% people in the investigation claim that they don’t intend to buy their own home. Renting a house is more popular in the UK than in the China and buy-to-let has been one of the UK’s successful financial investment stories.

Banks also promote a buy-to-let program for investors who can directly take a mortgage from the bank and let out the property. The booming rental market makes it possible for the investors to make a desirable income often after deducting the repayment for the mortgage from the rents.

It is worth mentioning that Chinese investors domiciled in China have equal access to invest in the UK’s buy-to-let property market. Bank of China (UK) Limited is able to offer buy-to-let mortgages to meet the needs of overseas investors who are not living in the UK but are looking to invest in the UK property market. Gibbs Investment can provide a range of composite services to satisfy property investment needs at different levels.


Please notice that there investment is always associates with risk and for more UK property market investment information, for further information, please contact Gibbs Investment China Market Team at lyslee.li@gibbsinvestment.com, or wechat:  lyslee_GI. We are also happy to refer you to professionals from Bank of China upon your request.

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