1. Gibbs Investment discussion with client to understand investment objectives, client’s risk preferences, target returns, property types and location(s).

2. Gibbs Investment will establish client availability of funds for investment and any gearing/borrowing required.

3. Gibbs Investment search to source potential investments to meet client requirements.

4. Preliminary review of the investment and submission to the client with initial information for consideration as a potential purchase and discuss.

5. Agree with the client a provisional target acquisition price that provides for a robust target return on investment.

6. If the client wishes to progress towards an acquisition then seek confirmation of availability of funds and in principal funding arrangements.

7. Enter into negotiations with the vendor/vendors agent with a provisional offer at a level that protects the target investment return.

8. On in principal acceptance by the vendor of a provisional offer then schedule and action due diligence as appropriate in respect of the legal status of the property, standard/modernity, state of repair, rental income versus market rents, tenant risk profiles, service charge levels, management requirements, unexpired lease terms, net income, capital value, market value trends, supply and demand, local economy, local built environment development plans, and alternative use opportunities etc. Third party professional service may need to be involved at this stage.

9. Following due diligence enquiries and consideration of the information advise the client accordingly and if the client wishes to proceed agree a firm offer price and conditions of the offer with the client and communicate the offer to the vendor.

10 Liaise with the client and negotiate any variations to the offer and conditions of purchase.

11. On acceptance of an offer by the vendor, receive Heads of Terms from the vendor’s agent and confirm acceptance with the client before liaising with the client’s solicitor in respect of the details of the acquisition.

12. Liaise and assist throughout the acquisition process with the vendor’s representatives, client’s lawyers and the client.

13. During the purchase process seek quotations for management services and insurances for the property and with client approval and have them provisionally in place pending completion of the acquisition (existing management and insurances may be agreed to continue).

14. Upon completion of the acquisition assist the client in ensuring professional management of the property is in place for the benefit of the client and income flow.