The International Festival for Business 2016 displayed how Liverpool has changed throughout the years and bolstered its reputation as a European and global city internationally.

Lyslee Li, China Business Development Manager from Gibbs Investment was invited by Invest Liverpool to attend the International Property Forum and Banquet where she accepted an interview conducted by Estates Gazette and shared her view on why Liverpool appeals to Asian investors.

Lyslee said: “Under the influence of Northern Powerhouse, more and more Asian investors’ confidence in the North West region continuously grows and they start to look at opportunities in cities such as Manchester, Liverpool and Sheffield. London is expensive and competitive. We do have a team based in London, but if an investor prefers higher return, we definitely recommend North West.”



Editor Notes: For the full coverage conducted by Estates Gazette, please visit http://www.egi.co.uk/news/liverpool-v-manchester-the-race-for-investment/?keyword=liverpool%20lyslee%20li

Featured Image: International Property Forum Banquet