During a recent business visit in Wuhan, Gibbs Investment owner and chairman Phil Gibbs received a request to meet respected Chinese government official Mr Li Pu; the Deputy Director of Foreign Affairs at Wuhan’s Municipal Office.

The meeting gave Li Pu a chance to find out more about how Gibbs Investment is building relationships with Chinese investors, and critically to understand about how the UK property market is becoming an increasingly popular option for those looking to generate significant yields from their property portfolio.

Wuhan’s Foreign Affairs Municipal Office is the governmental department responsible for creating relationships between the province and global business leaders. In his role at the organisation, Li Pu has responsibility both for leading international exchange, and for managing the relationships between Wuhan’s sister cities, which include Manchester.

“It was an honour to be invited to meet Mr Li Pu, particularly given his important role in business relations between Wuhan and the wider world,” said Gibbs. “It is vital for us that the UK property market is recognised as a significant opportunity amongst leaders in the Chinese business community. Having the chance to demonstrate this directly to Li Pu, given his vast international trade connections represents a major step forward to achieving this goal.”