Phil Gibbs, the Chairman of Gibbs Investment was invited to join the Thai Rotary Day 2014, held in Lumpini Park, Thailand. Mr. Gibbs met with the President of Rotary International President Gary C.K Huang to discuss the good work over Rotary throughout the world and in particular in those countries where the need for help is the greatest.

Mr. Gibbs joined the Westhoughton Rotary Club in 2005 and was elected to its International Committee that assists in raising charitable funds and distributing donations to good causes and disaster relief outside of the UK.

As Gibbs Investment works extensively with investors across the Asia Pacific region, contributing to charitable initiatives and disaster relief in the region has always been an important mission for Mr. Gibbs. After the meeting the Rotary President in Thailand, Phil says,

‘ I am very committed to the internationalisation of my activities, cultural appreciated and a peaceful healthy world. This visit to Thai has really help me to see how our effort has helped the ones who are in need the most.’

Rotary International has 1.2 million members across the globe. In Jan 2015, Rotary released US$ 34.8 million for polio immunization activities worldwide.